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Stairlifts in WesthoughtonStairlifts in Westhoughton is one of the many products Elite Healthcare offers to assist the elderly and disabled to maintain independence. We take our mobility for granted until it begins to fail us. It’s easy to tell your elderly parent they will just have to move to an assisted living facility or a more manageable home on one floor. It seems to make perfect sense to those who are mobile. If you can’t get up the stairs anymore then sell the house and move. Until you are in their shoes you have no concept of what you are asking them to give up. Home feels safe and secure. Their home and neighbourhood are familiar touch stones in an increasingly unfamiliar world. They don’t want to go through 40 years of memories and decide which to throw away and which to keep.

The ability for disabled persons, young or old, to remain in familiar surroundings seems to be a simple matter of logistics but it’s so much more. Most simply want somebody to find a way for them to stay in their home and in Westhoughton, stairlifts are the solution. We offer straight lifts and stairlifts that curve with the stairwell. The stairlifts are incredibly easy to install and completely safe. Situating the height so the user’s feet are just slightly above the stair level gives them a secure feeling and makes embarking and disembarking easy. Keep a walker or wheelchair at the top and bottom of the stairlift and a person living alone can navigate their home safely.

Stairlifts in Westhoughton is your solution when you can no longer navigate the stairs in your home. If you or a loved one is being encourage to move from your home for no other reason than the inability to climb stairs then consider a stairlift from Elite Healthcare. Contact us today for more information. A stairlift can be life altering for you or a loved one. They are low profile so will not interfere with the traffic flow of a busy household. The stairlift does not block the stairs from use by other family members. Stairlifts allow families of all abilities to continue living together in the family home.

Visit our new showroom at:

Unit 8, Actons Walk,
(Next Door to ‘The Range’)
Tel: 01942 245886

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday – 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

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