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Oxford Presence

£2,746.80 (£2,289.00 ex. VAT)

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Oxford Presence

The Oxford Presence is suitable for almost any patient-handling task.

It is an all-round performer that gives you more than you expect!

The Oxford has superior lifting range and greater spacial area for the carer and client.

The Oxford Presence has a very large lifting capacity at 227kgs.

The presence has an interchangeable spreader bar/cradle configuration.

It also comes with a full selection of slings and accessories.

The Oxford Presence is the true workhorse of the nursing environment.

The Oxford considers ergonomics and uses clever positioning of key interaction points.

Key Features

Emergency raise and lower function:
  • The emergency raise/lower buttons are located under the emergency stop button.
  • Can be operated by means of inserting a ball point pen tip.
  • Can be used when the hand control unit fails.
LCD battery level indicator:
  • As well as a visual display the batteries are protected from deep discharge with a low voltage alarm.
  • This will sound when the batteries need to be recharged.
Other Key Features:
  • Great spatial area for the carer and patient.
  • Powered base.
  • Outstanding Lifting Range.
  • Optional digital weight-scale.
  • Optional stretcher attachment.
  • Interchangeable spreader bar/cradle configuration.




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