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St Helens Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters in St Helens

Our team of specialists can help you find the mobility scooter that you need, as according to your day to day needs and requirements. They can explain how each mobility scooter differs from the next and answer any questions that you may have; they’ll also be able to tell you about which of our scooters are most suited to tasks such as daily shopping trips, dealing with relatively rough terrain and being super light. For this reason our team really do provide suitable and robust Mobility Scooters in St Helens and way beyond.

Different Types Of Mobility Scooters:

There are a lot of questions that you should ask yourself before diving in and buying a mobility scooter. Do you have a specific type in mind? Will you need to frequently travel by car and need a portable, easy fit scooter?  And at which speed would you feel most comfortable?

Our mobility scooters in St Helens have a range  of different sizes, speeds, weight and more so that you can find the perfect scooter that caters towards your needs. If you’re having trouble and need any help finding the right scooter for you be sure to call us for more information on 01942 245886

Mobility Scooters in St Helens and surrounding areas

Whilst we provide Mobility Scooters in St Helens, the freedom that they provide each of our customers with sees them able to travel far, far beyond. With many of our scooters specifically focussing in on being easily collapsible and light they can serve as the perfect travelling partner for fitting right into your boot with ease. This means that you no longer will be restricted to your locality within St Helens, and will instead be free to travel by car and scooter the breadth and length of Britain!

Considerations when choosing a mobility scooter

Choosing the right mobility scooter can mean that you are once more provided with the freedoms that you previously enjoyed; however choosing the wrong make, model or mobility company to purchase from can mean that you are stuck with a mobility scooter that may have certain features such as the top end speed and stability that you want, but then may be lacking on other features, such as being lightweight and easily transportable.

Specifically you’ll need to consider the following factors if you’re to choose a mobility scooter that is right for your needs:

  • Weight (This will affect the portability of the Scooter and is particularly important if you have relatively impractical storage for the mobility shooter when it won’t be in use).
  • Number of Wheels (This will affect the stability and ability to undertake task such as climbing curbs).
  • Portability (How easily collapsible the mobility scooter is).
  • Lightness (Each of the mobility scooters listed on this website will either state that they should be considered as lightweight or otherwise).
  • Max Speed (This may or may not make a difference, however for those who may like to get quickly from place to place the Max Speed may make for a deciding factor).
  • Max Range (This is important to note as it’ll demonstrate how far your scooter will travel between re-charges).
  • Swivel seat (This may be particularly important for those with particularly limited mobility).
  • Heaviest Part (If the scooter breaks down into various pieces for storage and transportation then the heaviest part will demonstrate how easily moveable the scooter is and whether it is indeed suited to your strength and mobility levels).


Elite Healthcare specialises in Mobility Scooters for St Helens and beyond. With a steadfast focus upon high quality products that empower our customers we proudly present a collection of mobility scooters to suit a range of user needs and uses.

Visit our new showroom at:

Unit 8, Actons Walk,
(Next Door to ‘The Range’)
Tel: 01942 245886

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday – 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

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