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Powered Mobility Products Bolton

Areas we cover:

WiganSt Helens – Southport – Warrington Bolton – Preston


Mobility Scooters in Bolton

Choosing a mobility scooter isn’t merely a matter of nuts, bolts and product specifications. Beyond the information on factors such as battery range, turning circles and ground clearance is always a focus upon trusted brands and a range that provides something for every type of mobility scooter user.


Reliable and Robust Mobility Scooters in Bolton

We specialise in Mobility Scooters in Bolton and beyond. We always focus upon quality and not only do our mobility scooters provide that all important access to independence, but reassurance that their scooter will be both reliable and robust.


Choosing the right mobility scooter for your needs

If you’re looking to use your Mobility Scooters in Bolton as well as in the regions beyond (either via public transport or by car) then you should additionally consider the following factors when making your mobility scooter choice:

Key Specifications of mobility scooters

The key specifications that you’ll find when browsing amongst mobility scooters are as follows.

– Maximum Gradient (This will be shown in degrees and is in relation to the steepness of hill that the scooter can handle; if you live in a particularly hilly area, or visit such areas often, then you should look for a scooter with a large Gradient range).

– Maximum speed – in KM/Miles.

– Ground Clearance (This may be important for those who frequently travel over rough terrains, or terrains that differ from the usual flat urban areas).

– Overall weight.

– Weight of the heaviest part.

– Battery weight.

– Battery range (The range will be denoting in KM/Miles and will tell you how far your scooter will travel in between battery charging).


Travelling by car with your scooter

Generally speaking the lighter the mobility scooter the more easily it travels and stores away. Beyond this however the scooters that are specifically designed with portability in mind are those that are designed for car transportation focusing in upon being easily dismantled and featuring in a relatively low weight, with some even folding away without the need for dismantling.


Traveling by Public Transport with your scooter

Whilst the use of scooters upon public transport will differ as according to the company’s policies (with some not allowing scooters at all, and with others welcoming them and making design accommodations) you will generally find that the smaller of scooters are the most suitable in this instance.


Elite Healthcare have stocked only the highest of quality of scooter models and makes and are proud to present a range that incorporates and considers every one from the person with a slight mobility limitation through to those who need a mobility scooter each time they leave home.

We know however that with such choice comes a tougher decision and if you need help deciphering between the different scooters that you find here then our team can help. Talk to them today about the way that you use your scooter and what you need from it and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction for making the right choice.

Visit our new showroom at:

Unit 8, Actons Walk,
(Next Door to ‘The Range’)
Tel: 01942 245886

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday – 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

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