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Mobility Scooters in MiddlebrookUsing mobility scooters in Middlebrook can greatly improve your independence and increase the convenience of moving around without feeling self-conscious. They’ll also help cater to your movement needs without having to ask for help and in turn, feeling like a burden to your loved ones. We understand that this can affect your overall relationship with the people around you, and that is why we wish to have you as comfortable as everyone else. Living with an individual with a disability can come with its challenges, and we also wish to make it easier for the caregiver as well. Elite Healthcare specialises in providing mobility, healthcare and daily living aid products to the general public as well as to professional healthcare givers.

At Elite Healthcare, we stock and sell a variety of scooters from reputable brands that are sure to make your movement easier. In Middlebrook, mobility scooters are available in various speed categories. You can purchase the 4mph scooters, 6mph or the 8mph scooters as well. Each category and scooter brand comes with a list of features that we can take you through, so you can be sure you’ll be purchasing the right product for you. With features such as baskets, front and rear lights, adjustable seats and self diagnostic fault finding system, you’ll be able to take your scooter around the block and even use it in your home, space allowing. We care for your health, and that is why we prefer that the scooters are purchased from our showroom, as opposed to having us send you one via mail. This way, we can offer face-to-face customer service and prescribe a scooter that will suit your lifestyle and immediate requirements. We’ll also ensure the product is safe to use for your medical conditions. We be able to provide full demonstration, test drives and assessment of your mobility needs prior to purchase.

Contact Elite Healthcare today for mobility scooters in Middlebrook. We offer 12 months free fallout and warranty aftercare for your new scooter. Feel free to inquire about our other products that include aids for daily living and continence care.

Visit our new showroom at:

Unit 8, Actons Walk,
(Next Door to ‘The Range’)
Tel: 01942 245886

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday – 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

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