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Stairlifts in ParboldInstalling stairlifts in Parbold can make life easier for many people with mobility issues. A stairlift, sometimes referred to as a chair lift, is designed to provide a reliable and safe solution for people who have difficulty climbing up or down stairs. These devices are comprised of a battery –powered chair, which is mounted on a rail attached to the staircase. They are generally quiet, easy to use and quite comfortable. Stairlifts are operated by a switch or remote control, which allows the user to go up and down the stairs at will.

For homeowners in Parbold, stairlifts are available at a variety of prices. Over the years, the price of stairlifts has remained fairly consistent, ranging between 2000 GBP and 6000 GBP, depending on the extra options that come with the package and the length of the stairs. Generally however, the average price of a stairlift is around 3500 GBP. For a quick, off the cuff, estimation of how much your stairlift will cost, it’s important to keep in mind that every corner in your staircase will double the initial price. In some cases, if you have two flights of stairs connected by a landing platform, it might actually be cheaper to buy two stairlifts, instead of a single curved continuous stairlift.

However, if you want an accurate quote before considering stairlifts in Parbold, you will need to set up a visit from a stairlift company. This visit is generally free of charge, and it is meant to determine whether your staircase is suitable for a stairlift. In some cases, the staircase may not be wide enough for certain stairlifts, especially when it comes to seated options. The results of this initial feasibility study are usually made available on the same day, but there are cases where it can take up to two days. To set up an appointment, contact Elite Healthcare today. We offer a wide variety of elderly and disability aids, which are designed for convenience and to improve your independence.

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