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Stairlifts in OrmskirkTop-quality stairlifts in Ormskirk can address restricted mobility problems. At Elite Healthcare, it is our endeavour to provide convenient, cost-effective and simple solutions to all your mobility needs. The right mobility and disability living aids make all the difference to a person’s confidence, independence and self-esteem. Today, many elderly people prefer to age in place in their own homes. They face issues when they have to use the upper floors of their homes and cannot climb stairs easily. They may also want to transport different items to the upstairs portions. These are the practical issues that make living difficult for those who want to retain their self-sufficiency for as long as possible. Our top-quality products help to address these problems of daily living like moving around, feeding, dressing, toileting, grooming, and doing errands.

For residents in Ormskirk, stairlifts help people to use all portions of their home safely and conveniently. These motorised chairs can be attached to the staircase and can convey you safely up and down. This means you don’t need to give up the benefits of living in a spacious two-storey home yet and can enjoy your own familiar surroundings. It’s important to choose the right type of stairlift. This is based on the type of staircase you have. If you have a short, straight one, this is the ideal one as you don’t need to undertake any structural modifications. However, if you have a curved staircase, one with many landings and bends, you need to install a stairlift that’s suitable for this type. Straight stairlifts are a popular and inexpensive choice. Curved stairlifts have to be custom-made to fit your particular layout. They can take you right to the top of your building, but the costs, time and labour involved are much higher. Our technical team can provide the right advice and assistance.

Besides help with stairlifts in Ormskirk, we have an in-house qualified nursing professional and chiropody and podiatry clinician to provide assistance. To find out more about our available stairlifts, contact Elite Healthcare. We are a family owned business and all our staff are well trained, reliable and have a practical, professional attitude.


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