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Stairlifts in HorwichStairlifts in Horwich is one of many mobility products designed to assist the elderly or disabled. The design is simple to operate and install along stairway walls. A safe comfortable seat holds the individual in place.  The push of a lever and the chair moves slowly up the conveyer installed slightly above the stair risers. For those unable to navigate stairs on their own, stair lifts are an amazing benefit.  The stairlifts are also a safety measure for people physically capable of walking up stairs but who suffer from frequent dizzy spells. A stairlift could make the difference between moving to assisted living or remaining in their own familiar and comfortable home. For caregivers, it’s a back saver when caring for the disabled in a two story home.

Our mobility products that save the disabled a measure of independence to care for themselves also relieve the burden of the caregiver. For caregivers in Horwich, stairlifts mean their patient can get themselves upstairs without assistance. Assisting another upstairs either by pulling them up in a wheelchair or supporting their weight as they climb stairs is physically taxing on the caregiver. Injury can be the result. We stock a variety of mobility aids that requires the assistance of a caregiver but makes their job of lifting and transferring patients less strenuous. Combined with independent use aids such as motorised scooters or wheelchairs, specialised eating utensils and more, the caregiver is freed up to perform other tasks .

Stairlifts in Horwich is an example of Elite Healthcare’s dedication to extending the independence of the handicapped and lightening the load of their caregivers. Contact Elite Healthcare today to find out more about the products that improve day to day life for those who just need a little help. A simple cane or walker can make all the difference. When that’s not enough lift chairs, mobility scooters and profiling beds offer the needed assistance to maintain a good quality of life. We carry top performing brands that have proven to give value for money with dependable durability and functionality. Poor quality mobility aids for the handicapped is unthinkable. You can trust our integrity at Elite Healthcare and our reputation for good solid products.

Visit our showroom at:

Unit 8, Actons Walk,
(Next Door to ‘The Range’)
Tel: 01942 245886

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Saturday – 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

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