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Folding Mobility Scooters in HindleyFolding mobility scooters in Hindley may be just the equipment you need to get the additional freedom missing from your daily life.Perhaps, without even realising it, you’ve been eliminating certain activities from your life one by one because you can no longer walk as far or as long as you used to. It’s just too difficult to get from the car park to the doors of the theatre, favourite shops, church, restaurants and more. You may miss the walks you used to take around the park to see what flowers are blooming or sit alongside the lake. The grandkids invite you to their sport and music events but the distance is often more than you can comfortably manage. It’s just easier to stay home where you can manoeuvre easily.

Don’t give up so easily and miss out on the meaningful events in your life. Imagine, in Hindley, folding mobility scooters that fit in your car; are simple to fold and unfold and will let you cover ten or twelve miles before needing a recharge. You can enjoy preferred seating at theatres, concerts and sports stadiums. The pace easily matches that of walkers that are accompanying you. One walking companion that will appreciate your having a mobility scooter is your dog. He’ll get the longer walks he needs and maybe even trips to the dog park to romp around. Our folding mobility scooters offer comfortable seating and right height foot rests. Most have storage options to hold your belongings.

Folding mobility scooters in Hindley are among the many fine products we stock to make daily life easier. Contact Elite Healthcare and speak to us about our range of folding scooters. You’ll be able to take them for a test run and see how easily they manoeuvre. You’ll see how uncomplicated they are to fold and unfold. After a few times the task becomes simple whether it’s you stowing it or a companion. It’s important to keep moving for your physical and mental health. Life has a lot of good times to offer that you can still claim despite a walking disability. A folding mobility scooter can make that possible for you or your loved one.

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