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The mobility scooter incorporates incredibly amazing and impressive features. The following are some of the features that you could consider when buying mobility scooters.

1. Wheels: These scooters come with three or four wheels. Those with three wheels shorten the turning radius and assure excellent flexibility for the user. They are perfect choices for use in confined indoor spaces. Whereas those that incorporate four wheels ensure exceptional stability and balance. Similarly those that come with larger and wider tyres are best for rough terrains. Four wheel scooters are also ideal choices for the uneven terrain as they are more stable and offer good driving comfort.

2. Arm Rests and Back Rests: Usually these armrests are adjustable and easily flip up and down. The backrests are generally moulded and padded and include an adjustable head rest to ensure a greater level of comfort.

3. Brake Mechanism: Most models incorporate the automatic brake system that halts the vehicle the moment you release the accelerator. Whereas there are also some models that include the hand brake system. Some larger scooters are equipped with an emergency brake that brings the vehicle to a sudden halt by stopping the rear wheels and during emergencies when the main braking system fails.

4. Seat: These scooters incorporate two types of seats. A small padded seat with a back rest or a bigger padded adjustable seat with a head rest. The seat can be adjusted to suit your height and usually slides forwards and backwards. They also swivel to help the user easily get on and get off the scooter.

5. Controls: The entire control of the mobility vehicle is vested in the handle bar. The users use their fingers to control and manipulate the operations of the scooter. The forward controls are in the right hand side and the reverse controls are in the left hand side. However some models have these controls reverse for the use of left handed people.

6. Batteries: All mobility scooters are powered with batteries. Small portable sized scooters are equipped with the 12 volts battery and the larger models are fitted with large sized batteries so that it can run non-stop for twenty hours before it is recharged.

7. Tiller: The tiller is the front column of the scooter and its angle can be adjusted to suit your driving comfort. However some portable scooter models do not incorporate an adjustment tiller. Speak to your mobility scooter expert to help you set the position on purchase.

8. Battery Charger: This is highly essential to keep your scooter fully charged and working efficiently. The battery can be charged either by using an inbuilt battery charger or an external charger unit. It is best to opt for external charging unit as it reduces the weight of the scooter in addition to giving longer life for the scooter.

9. Ignition: This comprises of a key or a plug and the scooter cannot be driven if the key or plug is removed. Some models require the key to be placed in the ignition itself to prevent loss on account of theft.

10. Size: They are available in different sizes to suit the needs and requirements of the user. The boot scooters are light and portable and are equipped with small batteries. They have small seats, less shock absorption qualities and low weight-bearing capabilities. The mid-sized scooters ensure a stable ride and hence perfect for climbing hills and kerbs. The town and country models are very large and are not portable in nature. They absorb shock well and have high load bearing capacities. They also feature large seats with adjustable options for added comfort. They are precision engineered for heavy usage.

11. Accessories: Scooters can now be accessorised to carry aids including oxygen transporters, rear baskets, canopies and crutch holders.

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